GIOVANNI DE ANGELIS was born in Naples, he has been living in Rome since 1992.
He first took up traditional photography as an adolescent and immediately developed a great interest in research into visual perception: in 2004 he started up a study, Luceveloce, which investigated the infinite potential of light and of its interaction with bodies. In 2005 and 2006, his investigations continued with Luce dissolve, which took him into a dimension on the borderline between painting and photography, in which solitary figures, either motionless or moving, pass through beams of light with their shadows. His research continued to evolve and he became increasingly interested in aspects of modernity, of Japanese and Indian metropolises and society, as we can see in Strade con pioggia, Sui iki and Churchgate, in which his interest in oriental culture is conveyed through ethno-anthropological eyes. These works have been shown in many galleries. His interest in metropolises then continued in his Contemporary Districts project, in the cities of Tokyo, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw, and it still on-going in works that place young people and their settings at the centre of his research, discovering urban districts inhabited by a constantly changing humanity. At times Giovanni De Angelis aims to recreate the memories of those who no longer have memory, as in the case of Sansone Elide, a project shown at the "ECC Ente Comunale di Consumo" group exhibition in 2010.Last photographic Water Drops project tackles the theme of twinship from a twofold perspective - social and anthropological - freeing itself from the concept of mere reportage in order to examine the themes of identity, of the uniqueness of the individual, and of their relationships with the "other".
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